I’m a big fan of sharing information. In that spirit, the below is a compendium of some things I find helpful, informative, interesting, or just plain cool. I’ve also included some great projects and initiatives of people I find pretty remarkable. It’s just a start, so please watch this space for more! Please also note that the list does not include any affiliate links.


  • Amy Scott’s Nomadtopia podcast: A great (and growing!) collection of interviews with individuals who are chasing their own version of a perfect nomadic existence. Amy’s one of the leading voices in the nomad community and also has valuable insights of her own to share.
  • Nomad + Spice podcast: Kit Whelan and Vivienne Egan are working to “create space for women’s voices in the location independent world” – and they’re doing a damn fine job of it!


  • Kami & the Rest of the World: A blog and travel resource largely focused on the eastern corridor of Europe, written by the Polish travel superstar Kami Napora. Be prepared to add places like Subotica and Transnistria to your destination list after you read Kami’s great descriptions and ogle her photos!
  • Travel to Eastern Europe, the Balkans and former USSR Facebook group: The name says it all. An amazing resource and inspiration for anyone interested in this particular region!
  • Megan Starr: The movements of travel writer extraordinaire (and craft beer enthusiast!) Megan are hard to keep up with, but she’s particularly passionate about former Soviet republics and the Nordics. Check out her site for some beautiful and inspiring content!
  • Ann Randall: The multi-talented Ann “re-booted” herself as a freelance travel writer and blogger after a career in the education sector – what an inspiration! She now writes on a number of fascinating destinations, often with an interesting angle on volunteering and culture. Apart from her main site (which links to a number of her projects and articles), I also recommend her personal travel blog the Peregrine Woman.
  • At Lou & Luca’s: A donation-based community in the mountains outside of Napoli that’s being opened by a fabulous Dutch/Italian couple in mid-2018. The focus is going to be on enjoying good (veg/vegan!) food, good nature, good movement, good people, and good times in general, all in a relaxed, positive, and creative environment. I can’t wait to go!


  • What is minimalism?: This article on Josh Beckman’s site is a great starting point if you’d like to know more about minimalism. I’ve got a lot of time in general for Josh’s writing.


  • Happy Cow: My saving grace as a vegan on the road. Find information (including reviews) for vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants and shops around the world.
  • I Write Vegan: Looking for a vegan wordsmith? Check out the committed and talented Vilma Reynoso, who’s already amassed an impressive portfolio of work!
  • Strive to Thrive: Bangkok-based Brighde Reed offers a variety of great tools and resources for vegans and aspiring vegans, including videos, coaching, an ebook, and cooking classes. A rising star on the international vegan scene!
  • JL Field’s Easy Vegan radio show: The inimitable JL does is all — writes cookbooks, presents at veg fests around the US, coaches, teaches cooking classes, consults. Here I highlight her radio show, which you can listen to like a podcast — because really, how cool is a vegan radio show?! Check out the rest of her page for her other offerings.

Financial independence/retiring early (FIRE)

  • European FIREhub: A quickly growing new hub site focussed on FIRE issues from a European perspective and helping to grow the movement in this continent.
  • What Life Could Be: As the site’s tagline reads: “One couple’s valiant (and sometimes fruitless) attempts at minimalist living, financial independence, and raising two kids without traumatising them (or ourselves) along the way.” Lots of interesting insights and ideas from a fabulous pair who’s really doing life right!
  • Hippies de Land Rover (Spanish): The Swiss-based HDLR family has a fixed goal of achieving financial independence and launching their own ranch in their native Latin America by the summer of 2019 — and they’re well on their way to achieving it! Check out their blog for updates and insights on a wide range of issues.
  • Frugalisten (German): Oliver, frugalist in chief, is a dyed-in-the-wool FIRE aspirant who offers some very practical tips and inspiring insights and musings related to a variety of financial and lifestyle topics. I think it’s no coincidence that he’s a thought leader in the German FIRE arena!
  • Geldschnurrbart (German): An honest account of a young German professional’s quest to become financially independent — and some compelling information and tips to support you on your own path.
  • P2P Banking: P2P lending is something I only learned about after meeting the expert behind this site. If you’re as intrigued as I was, it’s a good place to start your reading.
  • Mr. Money Moustache: No one describes moustachianism like MMM himself. I won’t even try!


  • Babs Perkins: This gifted photographer and writer is doing some amazing work documenting traditional food cultivation and production in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some interesting insights into some (sadly) disappearing aspects of culture.
  • Cultural Ramblings: Shaza’s blog explores some important issues regarding living outside of your own culture from a US American perspective. Shaza’s definitely not afraid to go “there,” and she offers lots of good food for thought!
  • CYrvivor: A new bi-communal (Greek Cypriot/Turkish Cypriot) initiative to use outdoor experiences as a way to hone skills, foster personal development, and build team and community. I’m predicting some exciting developments and offerings in the months to come!


  • Anette Pollner’s writing workshops: The phenomenal Anette has provided me with a lot of inspiration and encouragement in relation to writing, including when I was a member of the Bangkok Women Writers Group (which she leads). If you get a chance, check out one of her writing workshops in Asia or Europe!
  • Writers Reading in Athens: The name just about says it all! If you’re a writer and are spending time in Athens, try to check out an event (and give my best to the amazing Maureen, the group’s founder and champion!). I’m proud to have been included in the group’s first anthology, Journey Curves.

Change/finding your path

  • Work Quilting: Author Vikki Walton has developed a unique approach to piecing different income streams together and offers a variety of tools to help you come up with your own strategy. Be prepared to get the wheels in your mind a-turnin’!


  • Brian Hanner: Music, coaching, and yoga — who could ask for more?! I worked with Brian on the middle option, and his sharp insights, positive outlook, and pleasant demeanor made our time together both helpful and enjoyable (which is always a magical combination!). If you’d like to work with him — which I definitely recommend — he’s located in Tucson, AZ, but happy to coach remotely.
  • Wellness from Within: Kim Torrence is a modern-day renaissance woman — she’s a licensed clinical social worker, certified yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, mindful movement facilitator, and all-round gentle and wise soul. She’s now offering a variety of services and sessions both in the great Silver Spring, MD, area and remotely (Spanish also available).
  • Balasz Heller: The fabulous Balasz and his wife Karin offer a range of yoga, mediation, reiki, and wellness events (including yoga teacher training programs) from their base in Malta and other locations around the world. They’re amazing vegan cooks, too!
  • Minimalist Keto: I must admit, I’m not quite sure how I feel about the ketogenic diet. However, Angelo and Zsófi are finding it a perfect fit and are sharing lots of informative and engaging videos. Check their site out to learn more!

Other random wonderfulness

  • Hattin’ Around: For a number of years, I was really into hats. So, can I tell you how excited I was to meet a actual milliner?! Check out London-based Leanne’s gallery of work — but be sure to visit her blog page for some interesting behind-the-scenes insights into the wonderful world of hats.
  • Superhostcampus (German): Looking to up your game as an Airbnb host? Hannes is a font of information and has a plethora of great tips to get you on your way regardless of where you’re based!
  • Tassie Pure: This fab company is the brainchild of Candice, a proud Tasmanian native but true citizen of the world. It’s a great place to find unique and wonderful items made in Tasmania – or just to learn a little more about this far-flung corner of the globe!
  • Moving Cities: This wonderful projects captures international dancers in real (urban) settings around the world. The films are absolutely mesmerizing and receiving more and more global praise; I highly recommend checking them out!